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Invitation to tender



We hereby invite all companies and NGOs in Montenegro to make offers for the execution of this exciting task:


Development of a documentary film showing the results of the “VET for Western Balkans” project


For more information about “VET for Western Balkans”, please look here


Project Specifications:

We expect a high-quality video produced in close cooperation with the stakeholders of the project. The documentary must contain recordings of best practices from the project and interviews with students, teachers, and managers. The recordings must take place at various locations across Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania.

Key Requirements:

Production Scope:

              The documentary film will last 50 minutes.

              It must include interviews with experts from the field of education and industry.

              The film should have jingles and musical backgrounds to enhance the emotional and engaging tone.

              Visual solutions such as animations, graphics, and infographics are required to present complex information clearly.

              Footage from educational institutions, workplaces, and other relevant locations should be included to showcase examples of good practice.

Script and Production:

              The script must be developed in consultation with the project stakeholders, covering all key themes and messages.

              Organization and coordination of filming across the included countries, including logistical support and filming permits.

              Editing and post-production, including the addition of subtitles and special effects, are required.

              The final version of the film should be up to 50 minutes long.


Financial Considerations:

              All costs related to the production, including travel, accommodation, and allowances, are to be handled by the provider.

·       Timeline:

              The preferred company must be able to start planning and recording by April 1, 2024.

              The final product must be completed by May 20, 2024.

·       Submission Details:

              Please submit your offer no later than March 15, 2024.

Technical Requirements:

Video Quality:

              Minimum resolution of 1080p (Full HD), preferably 4K.

              Frame rate: 24-30 fps.

              High dynamic range (HDR) preferred.

Audio Quality:

              High-fidelity audio for interviews and ambient sounds.

              Use of professional microphones. Licensed, royalty-free background music and jingles.

  Editing and Post-Production:

              Use professional editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro).

              Include subtitles in English , Albanian and BIH languages.

              Tasteful special effects and visual enhancements.

Visual Elements:

              High-quality graphics and infographics.

              Animations for complex concepts.

              Consistent visual style and branding.

Filming and Lighting:

              Professional lighting setups.

              Stable camera work with tripods/gimbals.

              Multiple camera angles.

File Formats and Delivery:

              Final delivery in MP4 format with H.264 codec.

              Provide high-resolution master file.

              Hand over all raw footage and project files.

Compliance and Accessibility:

              Comply with privacy and intellectual property regulations.

              Provide accessible versions (subtitles, audio descriptions).

For more details, please contact the project representatives listed in the invitation to tender.

·       Project Manager Bodil Mygind Madsen [email protected] 0045 23261290  ( Social & Health Care College Ostjylland, Aarhus –  Denmark)

·       Project Facilitator Danka Markus [email protected]     (Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering ‘’Vaso Aligrudic’’ Podgorica Montenegro)

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