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Our Partners

External Evaluator

SOSU Østjylland is a major VET college in basic social and health care. The VET programs are based on the dual training principle: Theoretical and practical education at the college alternates with practical training in an approved company. This ensures that trainees acquire theoretical, practical, general and personal skills, which are in demand on the labour market. The college works in close cooperation with employers and is very experienced in mobilities, international cooperation and export of VET expertise. Its international strategy specifies that mobilities should support the personal and professional development of learners and staff and strengthen the organisation. Three staff members have been specialized in international cooperation. They are fulfilling tasks for Danish ministries and private companies in this field as a part of their job for the college. These staff will work in V4WB. The person to be manager of the project has extensive experience as project leader and key expert in projects in Albania, Russia, the Baltic States, Poland and Turkey and lately experience from ERASMUS+ KA2 and KA3 projects. This experience is crucial for leading a project with a big and varied consortium as this one.

Partner: SOSU Østjylland
Country: Denmark
Contact Person: Bodil Mygind
Email: [email protected]

Šolski center Kranj offers VET education in informatics, electro-technics, electro-energetics, mechatronics, economy, services and civil engineering. Educational work takes place in modern lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories and workshops. It has signed agreements with more than 300 companies and organizations where pupils and students can perform practical training. The organisation has staff experienced with the development of VET in Slovenia in the period from being a part of the socialist Yugoslavia to becoming an EU member stat with a liberal economy. This experience of going through transformation and adapting to new conditions is a competence that is relevant to share with the Western Balkan countries. Other relevant staff for this project is the teachers with teach subjects that are also common among our Balkan partners.

Partner: Šolski center Kranj
Country: Slovenia
Contact person: Nataša Kristan Primšar
Email: [email protected]

Tradium is a large VET provider with a broad spectrum of programs. It has very good connection to companies in the region and knows the needs of the labour market very well. All its VET programmes except one have the dual system (theoretical and practical education at the college alternates with practical training in an approved company). It has a well-established “guidance-center” as well as a team of company councellors, employed at the college. Furthermore, the local municipality has established its youth guidance center on its facilities. The organisation has experience from participation in projects aiming at attracting girls and woman to traditionally male dominated educations. Two staff members will work in the project. One of them is very experiences in counselling and career guidance, cooperation with companies and attracting females to male professions and the other is a teacher, educated in Kosovo and very familiar with the conditions on Western Balkan.

Partner: Tradium
Country: Denmark
Contact person: Elizabeth Andre Høgh
Email: [email protected]

Instution for Vocational Education and Training “Rifat Gjota” has about 1.000 students and offers VET education within electrical engineering, machinery, construction, and textiles. It has compiled a memorandum of understanding with local enterprises in order to define duties and responsibilities for internships. The Kosovo partner will select for the project activities, staff that are not only professionally and pedagogically competent but also open-minded, ready for changes and for sharing experiences with colleagues and others.

Partner: Instution for Vocational Education and Training “Rifat Gjota”
Country: Kosovo
Contact person: Arben Gjikolli
Email: [email protected]

High school of Metalworking crafts offers 3 years´ vocational education in all sorts of metalworking crafts such as car mechanic, metal sheet workmanship, welding, central heating and gas installations, water supply and sanitation installation, CNC machining technologies, jewelry crafts, among others. It also educates technicians in automotive field, mechatronics and aviation (engine and aircraft maintenance). The Bosnian partner will select for the project activities, staff that are not only professionally and pedagogically competent but also open-minded, ready for changes and for sharing experiences with colleagues and others.

Partner: High school of Metalworking crafts Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact person: Irma Behlulović
Email: [email protected]

EfVET, European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training is a European umbrella organization of 220 technical and vocational education and training providers from 35 countries. It represents directly the views of its members on VET issues to all the European Union Institutions and Bodies and responds to all appropriate consultation processes. Staff from the organisation to take part in this project, will be persons with experience in dissemination and staff who has participated in the INTERVET Balkan project.

Partner: EfVET, European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Country: International NGO (officially registered under Belgian law)
Contact person: Stefano Tirati
Email: [email protected]

TECHNOLOGICAL SECONDARY SCHOOL "Hamdi Bushati", Shkodër was opened on September 1, 1970, initially with branches; Inorganic Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Pharmacy and Music. Over the years, there have been many changes, so in 1976, new branches were opened; Textiles- Confectionary and Wood Processing, Then the school continued with the profiles: Confectionery, Textile, Food, (Wood Processing passed to the Forest School). In 1998-1999, the Economic branch was opened with the 5-year system, while in the school year 2000-2001, the Tourism branch was opened (5 years). In 2007-2008, the Clothing Design branch was opened, in 3+2 year system. Until 2009, 7820 students were registered in our school in total . From these , 3320 students have graduated, who have worked as semi skilled workers and have served in different areas of the country, and a significant number of them have continued their higher studies and have given good results. Currently, 701 students attend “ Hamdi Bushati” School Today, the school has 3 qualifications: Hospitality-Tourism, Textile-Confectionery and Economics, divided into several profiles. Hotel Management - Tourism with 4 PROFILES • Kitchen – Patisserie • Bar-Restaurant • Hotel and Restaurant service • Tourist Guide/Travel Service MANAGEMENT Economy - Business with 2 PROFILES • Account • Trade Textile Management - Confections with 1 PROFILE • Modeling Thanks to agreements with business partners (155), over 77% of students are employed at the end of school. From class XI-XIII, students develop business practice, practice which also enables their employment.

Partner: “Hamdi Bushati” Technological High School
Contact person: Bora Miruku 
Phone: 0672123575
Email: [email protected]

Stichting Landstede has 20.000 students and offers a wide range of vocational programmes. It has built up a sustainable relationship with companies, schools and other kind of organisations not only locally, but also internationally. It provides competence-based education that gives students the opportunity to work on their own talents and is one of the leading organisations in this field in the Netherlands, where competence-based learning is being used in all VET. Staff with experience in competence-based learning will be involved in this project as well as staff with expertise in international cooperation.

Partner: Stichting Landstede
Country: The Netherlands
Contact person: Udo Lut
Email: [email protected]

Centro de Formación de Administración y Hostelería, S.L. delivers in-service, initial and adult vocational training. It has two principal objectives: a) modernize and internationalize the institution through incoming and outgoing student and staff transnational mobility; b) participate in European and international co-operation projects. Ten of the tertiary level students do a thirteen-week internship in a foreign country each year. Around seven members of staff go on five-day mobility programmes that make an important contribution to their professional growth and degree of job satisfaction. It offers courses in hospitality and tourism and works closely together with Cebanc, which is offering administration, business and marketing, health and computer science. Two staff members from this partner will work in this project. One of them has a big experience with all aspects and challenges of mobilities; the other one has expertise within VET pedagogy.

Partner: Centro de Formación de Administración y Hostelería, S.L.
Country: Spain
Contact person: Kizkitza Zabaleta
Email: [email protected]

STANDO is a research and educational organisation, dedicated to the advancement of research and innovation and is, at the same time, an approved VET Centre (VET provider).It actively participates in the planning and implementation of national and international projects, aiming at providing innovative solutions that facilitate the development of people and the cohesion of societies. Its strength primarily lies in a highly qualified team and its extended network of international partners. For this project, the organisation will involve staff that are experts in dissemination, quality assurance, entrepreneurship fostering and innovation.

Country: Cyprus
Contact person: Anna Nicolaou
Email: [email protected]

In our school we are working in 5 main directions 1 Hospitality - Tourism, 2 Textile - Confection, 3 Food Technology,4 Maritime with the new system 2 + 1 + 1 and the branch Economics-Business 2 + 2 using advanced teaching methods, to gain good skills in both fields of theory and professional practice. Contemporary teaching methods significantly increase the quality of students, giving them the opportunity to acquire more sustainable professional competencies and making them more competitive and demanded in the current labor market. The Hospitality-Tourism branch remains the main direction in our school with about 400 students enrolled, this as a result of the high demand in the labor market where the city's main income is in the hotel and tourism sector. The Hospitality-Tourism direction is based on 3 main profiles: 1- Kitchen-pastry shop 2- Bar-restaurant 3- Hotel and restaurant services FOOD TECHNOLOGY BRANCH Students learns the production of mass bread, the production of bread assortments with wheat flour and additives, the production of sweet assortments, the production of pasta, cookies, pizzas and bakery assortments. Textile confections The main purpose of vocational education in the 'Textiles-confections' branch, level III, is 'the development of the personality of students to live in harmony with the world around them and prepare them to be employed in professional activities directly related to the realization of clothing or accessories made of woven, knitted and leather fabric, as well as to continue education and training at higher levels'. Maritime This education enables the student to address the labor market to be employed in a: -vessel for commercial purposes; -vessel over 24 m in length for fishing purposes; -port service vessel; -coastal craft of law enforcement agencies at sea; -establishment for the collection and/or processing of water products; -vessel for the pleasure of coastal navigation; -coastal navigation vehicle for research-scientific purposes; -maintenance and repair service point for fishing tools; -artificial growth farm in fresh, brackish or coastal waters; The Economics branch has always been distinguished for its high quality in the educational process. Unlike other directions, in the economics , students register with a relatively high average, and this is due to the fact of the volume of the major itself. This criterion limits the number of registrations in this direction, where only one new class is opened each year. Today, in this direction, we are working with the 2+2 system, using the most advanced teaching methods, to acquire better theoretical skills and practical skills for the preparation of future managers.

Partner: Shkolla e Mesme Teknologjike “Hysen Çela”
Contact person: Enio Doka
Email: [email protected]

Alternative Pro is one of the largest and best-established centers of learning in Albania. It educates fashion designers, hairdressers, managers, make-up artists, operators, tourism operators, and marketing specialists. It organizes courses for young women that cannot frequent schools because of economic and social problems in rural zones of Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. The Albanian partner will select for the project activities, staff that are not only professionally and pedagogically competent but also open-minded, ready for changes and for sharing experiences with colleagues and others.​

Partner: Alternative Pro
Country: Albania
Contact person: Lidiana Kockici
Email: [email protected]

Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering ‘’Vaso Aligrudic’’ Podgorica uses the latest educational programs and technology, implementing workshops and trainings to contribute the quality of teaching methods and to provide expert qualification for students and continuous development for teachers. It is licensed for adult education and uses educational programs (Construction and maintenance of electronic safety systems, installation and maintenance of electro-communicational systems, Repair and maintenance of electronic commercial devices etc.) implemented by new methodology. The Montenegrin partner will select for the project activities, staff that are not only professionally and pedagogically competent but also open-minded, ready for changes and for sharing experiences with colleagues and others.

Partner: Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering ‘’Vaso Aligrudic’’ Podgorica
Country: Montenegro
Contact person: Selma Šabotic
Email: [email protected]

ERROTU is a SME working around vulnerable groups, specially ageing society, and those with disabilities or accessibility needs. It has two working lines: on one hand, Consultancy and Training, and on the other hand, Managing, Developing and assuring the Quality of Projects, all oriented to improve the life quality of people, especially vulnerable groups. For almost 20 years, they have worked in consultancy for public and private institutions, quality management, project management, training and they have been speakers at several congresses and forums. They have taken part and developed both national and international R+D projects, most of them working with people with disabilities. They are teachers in Master´s Degree of Gerontology and Persons Centred Care in Valencia International University, Master in Alzheimer of University of Salamanca, Master in Housing of University of the Basque Country and Master in Management of Social Services in Long-Term Care in DEUSTO University. At European level, the company has participated as a partner in more than 12 projects, being the Quality Management Coordinator or Internal or External Evaluator in all of them.

External Evaluator: ERROTU 
Country: Spain
Contact Person: Marijo Moreno Juan
Email: [email protected]