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The VET4WB is in
San Sebastian

February 26th - March 22nd

From February 26th to March 22nd 4 teachers and 4 students from two Albanian VET schools (“Hamdi Bushati and “Hysen Çela”) will stay in Donosti and visit Cebanc-Cdea VET school. This first week, February 26th – March 1st, two of the teachers of the first round and the 4 students have been attending very interesting presentations on Ethazi, Basque Country and San Sebastian Tourism, Cebanc’s strategy and the Urrats Bat program.

They have also participated in classes where they have been able to learn how Ethazi is applied in the cycle of tourism  accommodation, international trade, gastronomy and English classes which they have enjoyed very much and also are very grateful for the hospitality of the Cebanc students. 

They have been fortunate to coincide with the contest of Tortilla de patata of Guipuzcoa and participate in the masterclass of the winning chef of Spain 2023.

Since their profile is gastronomy they have been participating several hours in the cooking classes of the center where they have learned a lot from the professionalism of our teachers and students.  In the following two weeks they will be working in well-known restaurants in Donostia such as Topa and Muka.  It will be difficult to leave behind such an enriching experience.

Unfortunately, the weather hasn´t been in our favour,
but we managed to give them a tour in our beautiful city. 😀 

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