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Mobility of students and teachers
from Albania to Spain

4th March - 22nd March|
San Sebastian

The week of 4th of March was full of events. Firstly our students started their internship in two wellknown restaurants of San Sebastian, Topa and Muka and it has been a unique experience for the three of them. The staff was very helpful and Rigersa, Emiliano and Arben have learned a lot of new things. Meanwhile, the youngest student Klaudia has continued to take classes with the group of first year of Kitchen management about food preparation and hygiene, cooking, and restaurant service. Cebanc teachers, Harri, Xabi and Miquel, are very pleased with her efforts and dedication she has put during these weeks in Cebanc. Bravo Klaudia

But it hasen’t been only about working in the kitchen of these two restaurants. Whenever they had a free day, morning or afternoon they joined their Albanian peer Klaudia and their teachers in the kitchen of Cebanc where they competed with other teams of Cebanc students on traditional basque dishes and they even won! Welldone, indeed!! Bora and Saimir, the first round of teachers, showed their love for cooking and together with the 4 students they formed a winning team. 

During the week of 4th March Bora and Saimir and the 4 students also met with the owners of two successful businesses run by former Cebanc students, with Aitor and Erik of Chocoarte   and the sisters of the famous breakfast bar in Lasarte Kairos . 
We hope the owners ‘  stories have inspired the Albanian students to overcome the difficulties and come up with original ideas of setting up a business of their own. 

During these week as the weather improved they finally got the chance to see and enjoy the landmarks of San Sebastian.

On Monday 11th of March we hosted in Cebanc the two new teachers, of the second round, of Hamdi Bushati and Hysen Cela schools, Marjana Gjoka and Ergys Laho respectively. This week’s program was focused on Gastronomy and together with Klaudia and the students during their off -work hours, they joined the teachers Xabi Balerdi and Iñigo Oilazola in preparing the menu of the week of Cebanc restaurant. 

Their second and last week of mobility will be full of presentations, classroom assistance and especially important events in Tknika, the VET applied research center, which designs the curricula of VET schools in the Basque Country. Marjana and Ergys together with about 100 colleagues of different EU countries will have the opportunity to visit its labs with cutting edge technologiesand as well a public Basque VET center that holds a flagship in applying advance technology in gastronomy. 

Interview the students

Stay tuned for one more article on the San Sebastian mobility.. 

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