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Mobility of students and teachers
from Kosovo to Slovenia
(4th week)

March 23 to March 29, 2024

In accordance with all previous agreements, a group of 4 students and 2 professors traveled to Kranj from the IAAP school “Rifat Gjota”, Peja (Kosovo) on Friday, March 1, 2024. Students Elma Panxha and Elena Hajdari and students Adi Kollqaku and Rinor Lokaj will stay in Kranj for a whole month, until Friday, March 29, when they will return home.
Two professors were with them in Kranj for the first two weeks of the exchange, namely Mrs. Fikreta Mehović and Mr. Lulzim Mulliqi, and the third and fourth weeks of the exchange were in Kranj Mrs. Ganimete Nikçi and Mrs. Rina Vuthi – Hysenaj.
Last week, the students and the two professors were joined by the school management, Mr. Castrati Xhemajli and Mr. Gjikolli Arben.

23rd day of the visit, 23 March 2024.
On Saturday, all the guests (four students, as well as Mrs. Ganimete Nikçi and Mrs. Rina Vuthi – Hysenaj, together with the management of the school, i.e. Mr. Kastrati Xhemajli and Mr. Gjikolli Arben) under the leadership of Mrs. Nataše Kristan Primšar and Mr. Viktor Stare visited Piran, Portorož and Koper. They enjoyed seeing the Slovenian coast

24th day of the visit, 24 March 2024. On Sunday, the program included an excursion to Bled and Bled Castle. On the way back, they also visited the Šobec camp.

Day 25 of the visit, 25 March 2024. On Monday, both professors had training with Aleš Kozjek in the field of CNC, CAD/CAM.

As part of the managers’ visit, Mr. Castrati Xhemajli and Mr. Gjikolli Arben first visited the director of the School Center Kranj, Mr. Jože Drenovec, who presented them with the units of the Kranj School Center and discussed with them current issues in the course of the project, as well as the method of financing schools in Slovenia. Mrs. Saša Kocijančič spoke about adult education and data protection.

Both managers were managed by the School Center Kranj Nataša Kristan Primšar. They visited the most important laboratories and lecture halls.

26th day of the visit, 26 March 2024. On Tuesday, everyone had training with dr. Štefan Žun from the field of mechatronics together with the students of the Higher Professional School ŠC Kranj. In the afternoon, as part of the cultural program, they had a tour of the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

27th day of the visit, 27 March 2024. The two managers and the two teachers together with Viktor Stare visited the students on Wednesday. Three students who have a technical orientation went for practical training at the company ISKRA PRO d.o.o. The basic activity of this company is the production of machines and devices intended for the automation of production processes. A student attending a high school program in Kosovo, which focuses on architecture and construction, went to the company SKA Aleksander Krašovec s.p. for practical training.

28th day of the visit, 28 March 2024.They had a robotics workshop with lecturer Domen Kepic.

After all the activities, there was an evaluation. In the evening, there was a farewell dinner at the Buf restaurant.

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