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13th -17th May, 2024| Peje, Kosovo

In the period from 13th  to 17th May, 2024, the final training of three international trainings about project development, was held at Hotel Dukagjini at the very city center of Peje and involved 8 teachers from Rifat Gjota VET school, Peje Kosovo 

The first day started with an participants and trainer presenting to each other and introduction to the training project “VET for Western Balkan” It is a project funded by the EU Commission, aiming at modernizing the VET educations in Western Balkans and with a partnership consisting of 6 VET organisations from EU countries and 6 from Western Balkan countries. They also showed examples of green practices from some of the EU partner schools.

After that, the participants and the trainers expressed their expectations for the training on a personal and professional level and a presentation of the “VET for Western Balkans” project was given and discussed by the participating teachers. The topic for the second part of the day was an introduction to the world of projects

On the second day, participants learned what is important to know about project applications. The main topic of the first part of the day was Looking into different relevant funding opportunities: RCF, Erasmus+ and more. Participants learned how to start and identify relevant areas of developing projects. In the second part of the day, they got acquainted with the concept and advantages of micro qualification.
At the end, participants worked in groups with the 17 Sustainable development goals.

The third day started with learning how to establish an international partnership and what is a concept note. Participants looked into different examples.

In groups, they identified challenges at their VET schools that could be an issue for a project application and worked on developing a project idea. By the end of the day all groups had a presentation about their project ideas.

On the fourth day of training advanced participants, group of two from each partner school from previous training, joined.
While new group of participants spent day with developing and writing concept notes step by step in groups and discussing about it together, the advanced ones spent the day with Montenegrin partners. First, they had the presentations of their homework and after they all worked on the application – filling in the first part of the application form, in national groups, continuing work started in previous training.

Day 5 started for the learners finalizing their concept notes – using the feed back they had received after sending their draft version 2 and 3 to the teacher.

The advanced ones also continued work started on the previous day – work on application and filling the second part of the application form – tables and additional documentation, with Montenegrin trainers. At the end of the first part of the day advanced participants got their certificates for participating in the nine days of training.

In the second part of the day Montenegrin trainers had the presentation of an online courses for all the participants and use a chance to introduce new participants with a learning platform of VET for Western Balkans.

At the end of the day new participants filled in online evaluation questionnaires for the external evaluator to sum up the feedback from all and the advanced ones sent their project ideas for applying to the IV RCF call, which are the outcome of the nine days of the training. 
The overall impression of advanced participants is that this training was very useful and gave them the knowledge needed to apply for projects. What is even more important is that participants are now trained to help the other colleagues to write projects. All participants are encouraged to apply for the funds considering that they will have the support from the NGO VET for Western Balkan, created as a result of all the work done in three years and the desire to maintain and expand cooperation.

A quote from one participant:

“I learned that any idea you may have can be of great benefit for someone, all it is required is to elaborate and evolve them, and not keep them inside a drawer.”

The training was performed by: Mrs. Niels Christian Frøkjær Vestergaard, European Senior Manager,
Ms. Danka Markuš and Ms. Marina Braletić, teacher and school project coordinator

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