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Mobility in Slovenia –third week (14. 3. until 20. 3. 2022.)​

On Monday, March 14, two new teachers, Merjem and Danijel, started their mobility. In classroom 42 (509), we gave them basic information about the exchange. In the following, WBL organizer Miloš Frelih spoke to them about the close connection between schools and companies in Slovenia, where the connection is established due to the practical training of students in companies. We took the guests around the school and made a special stop in the classrooms dedicated to practical work in the technical field. At 4:00 p.m., all the students and the two teachers from Sarajevo gathered in front of the student dormitory, from where we set off for Kranj. We stopped at Prešeren’s grove and got acquainted with the life and work of France Prešeren and at the monument to Simon Jenko. In the Kranj City Library, a friendly librarian led us to the shelves with Serbo-Croatian literature. We stopped at the fountain and info point and walked to the viewpoint on Pungart. The tour of Kranj ended with a pleasant chat over coffee in Brioni cafe.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, dr. Krištof Debeljak held a workshop on pneumatics and automation.

On March 17, 2022, at ŠC Kranj, the opening of the photography exhibition Black White in Colors by Cvetan Gavrovski took place. Mr Gavrovski is a renowned Macedonian photographer, holder of the title of Master of Photography of the Macedonian Photographic Association (MFFSM) and EFIAP-Excellence FIAP of the World Association for Photographic Art. Our guests from Sarajevo listened to the cultural program with interest.

18. March 2022, Danijel had job shadowing in the field of measurements in mechatronics with the M.Sc. Borut Pogačnik. They also discussed where to find appropriate literature for teaching these subjects, and reviewed the curriculum and equipment.

On the same day, Merjem went to classroom 335 to the physics teacher, Andreja Pogačnik, where she showed her the experiment and talked with her about the curriculum and equipment.

On March 19, 2022, we went to Bled. The guests visited Bled Castle, tried Bled Cream Cakes and walked along the lake to Velika Zaka.

On Saturday, March 20, 2022, we organized a trip to the coast. In beautiful weather, students and teachers visited Luka Koper and the old town center of Koper. They continued their journey past Portorož to Piran, where they completed their journey along the coast.

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