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Mobility of students and teachers from
Montenegro to Slovenia

3rd week report  

(13. 3. – 19. 3. 2023)

On Monday, the students went to Iskraemeco, and both professors had training with teacher Lovro Mohorič. They received training in the field of welding, familiarized themselves with the literature in this field, and also reviewed the curriculum, equipment and software for welding.

On Tuesday, Meriem and Daniel took part in a training session with Domen Kepic, a lecturer at the Higher Vocational College. The main interest of the day was robotics, equipment, software and curriculum for this subject.

On Wednesday, there was a visit to Iskraemeco, where both teachers could observe the students at work.

On Thursday morning, they had job shadowing with Aleksandra Frelih, in her science class. They also discussed curriculum, literature and software.

On Friday morning, the evaluation of the project took place. All four students and the two professors from Sarajevo expressed their satisfaction with participating in the project. Nataša Kristan Primšar handed them gifts from ŠC Kranj. On Friday evening, a final dinner was organized for the guests from Sarajevo and the lecturers in the Buf restaurant.

On Saturday we went on an excursion to Ljubljana, where we first had a guided tour of the new mosque, library, gymnasium and hall. Professor Merjem has an acquaintance in Slovenia, a gentleman who owns the company MVA d. o. o. This was followed by a visit to this company in Ig near Ljubljana. They make spray guns. This was followed by a walk around Ljubljana, we saw the Dragon Bridge, the market, the Triple bridge, the Prešeren monument on Prešeren square and returned to the van across the Butchers’ bridge. This was followed by a tour of a shopping mall and the return home.

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