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The Importance and popularisation of VET education

Februray 15th, 2024| Sarajevo

As a part of the international project VET4WB (VET for Western Balkans) activities, the public organisation Srednja škola metalskih zanimanja (Metalworking crafts school organized the conference „The Importance and popularisation of VET education) at hotel Hills on Februray 15th. In total we had 93 people, who applied for the conference, but at the end the total number of participants was 73. 

We assume that this number was bigger by 5-10, but since some guests arrived after the first break and there is a chance that some of them never signed the attendance list.

The conference was conducted with the representatives from Denmark and Slovenia and supported by the Ministry of education of Sarajevo Canton and the Institute for pre-university education (IRPO), with contributions from other partners in educational field similar.
Of exceptional importance was the participation of representatives of the Western Balkans in order to raise awareness of the importance of their involvement in professional education projects.

The conference goal was to gather all relevant partners and stakeholders and to emphasise the needs, importance and the shortcomings of the VET education; to use the presentations of both Danish and Slovenian educational systems to inspire and get ideas to improve and popularize VET education in our environment and to propose the improvements for the current cooperation of all partners in VET education

  • The conference was also attended by the representatives from the Ministry of education of Sarajevo Canton, the representatives from the parents council of SC, elementary and high school principals, representatives of the Chamber of commerce of SC, representative of the Association of employers of SC, representatives of the Chamber of trades of SC, representatives of various companies, students, representatives of the Ministry of Defence, representatives of the Ministry of foreign chamber of commerce of BiH and other guests.

Upon the speeches given and dialogues conducted, the following general conclusion was made:

Based on the official data the deficit of the vocational professionals in the market is ALARMING and it is high time that the professionals both in the labour market and education made strategic plans together through creating the student enrolment policy which would include all other partners in education. The idea is to give the VET schools a realistic opportunity to enrol students in their schools through the enrolment plan that is harmonised with the market needs.

We share our opinion and dedication with all of the partners in education that it is the VET education, which is becoming ever more the necessity both globally and locally, that should represent the strategic goal for the development of our country on a very demanding way towards the EU integrations.

We were honoured to have successfully organised the first conference and contributed with our ideas and proposals for the sake of finding guidelines for the improvement of VET education for the benefit of our students who are the main reason we invested all these efforts in order to create opportunities for their future affirmation and employment.

Our special thanks go to our project partners Ms. Bodil Mygind Madsen, European Senior Manager, SOSU Østjylland, Denmark, Ms. Anja Trier Wang, Senior Manager Consultant, Danish Industry (DI), Denmark,

Nataša Kristan Šolski center Kranj Slovenia who used their presentations to bring new visions to the education system in our country.

In the end,
all the participants expressed their profound gratitude for us having organised such an event and especially for having chosen the topic that was elaborated from multiple aspects, the topic that is current and important for all the participants. One of the feedback was from the Chamber of commerce that we would like to quote here:
“Dear principal Behlulović, I’d like to use this opportunity to congratulate you on behalf of the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Muamer Mahmutović and other employees of the Chamber for successfully organised Conference. It was really an honour and pleasure to be part of such an important event […].”
(sent via e-mail on February 16th).

The conference was also covered with huge press and media attention and the reports from the conference were broadcasted on several local and national TV station (TVSA)

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