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The management training in Cebanc , San Sebastian, Spain

12.06.23 – 16.06.23  

The directors of two VET schools Hysen Cela, Durres and Hamdi Bushati, Shkoder of our tandem partner in the project – Albania, spent their last week among the managers of Cebanc in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.

It was a week full of presentations and activities not only in Cebanc but also in other VET schools of the region where they saw the work and the technology of the courses such as Maritime, food technology and design and textile. More detailed info on such visits will follow soon. 

On their first day they were received by the manager of the centre, Paloma Enriquez and on the following days they had meetings with the director of communication Kote Bernal, with the director of human resources Igone Urkiri and on their last day with the director of the centre Daniel Azurmendi. 

In these meetings they were introduced to topics such as student recruitment, learning programs offered at our centre, internal organisation and teacher development, and finally to the vision and strategies of Cebanc. The open discussions were very productive and ideas and experiences of the two countries were exchanged. Albania is a candidate country for the European Union and its VET model is being reformed and adapted to European guidelines. 

The cooperation between our centres will continue at the end of the month in Durres, Albania, with the training that Cebanc will give on entrepreneurship, marketing and transversal skills.

Tour in Cebanc 12.06.23

On their first day in Cebanc after the teacher Kizkitza Zabaleta introduced the Albanian directors to the Basque and Spanish VET model and also to the Ethazi methodology taught in all the cycles of Higher VET in the Basque Country, the directors were taken on a tour in Cebanc. Fortunately, there were still a few students left in school, as the rest of them were on internships or exams. 

We had the chance to meet with Emilio Audicana in the restaurant area and with Errose Etxebeste and Xabier Zaldua in the pastry area.

Thank you very much to all of them!

AEG VET school

On Thursday, 13th June the directors visited the Clothing and Fashion department of the AEG VET school in Donostia-San Sebastian, Basque Country where students acquire the most creative resources to make all types of custom-made costumes using the most professional methods and also creativity, innovation and the latest technologies.

We were welcomed by the director of the Human Resources department Amaya Oria, the head of the Clothing and Fashion department Ana Corzo and the most innovative teacher Carlos Alonso 🙂

VET maritime school Blas de Lezo

On Tuesday, the directors visited the VET maritime school Blas de Lezo, in Pasajes, Donostia-San Sebastian. Mike Arrieta, the responsible of internationalisation, took us on a detailed tour around the school. 

CIFP Blas de Lezo, located on the shores of the port of Pasajes, has a 5,000 m2 building with classrooms specialised in maritime, fishing and health training.
It also has simulators and real equipment for navigation, fishing and fire-fighting communication; workshops for adjustment, maintenance and repair of engines and marine machinery, marine electrical systems, as well as automation and refrigeration equipment.

It is also equipped with audiovisual and computer rooms, a training ship and rescue boats. Specialised personnel at the centre teach all kinds of courses to obtain professional maritime qualifications, certificates and internationally recognized qualifications.

Visit – VET school Don Bosco

On Wednesday, 14th June, the Albanian directors visited the VET public school Don Bosco in Errenteria, Basque Country, Spain.

The centre, older than 60 years, offers training cycles of Medium and Higher Level, Specialization Programs, Training for Employment addressed to Workers and Unemployed, Services to Companies and Courses on Demand.

The main reason was to see and learn from the newest lab of food technology in the Basque Country in a public VET school. The chemistry teacher Iker Arrizabalaga took us to all the areas where the students, that learn with the Ethazi methodology, perform all types of tests and analyses on materials and products in process and finished products oriented to research and quality control, interpret the results obtained, and act under good laboratory practice standards.

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