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Training of education and career counsellors in Peje, Kosovo, 2½ day on 27th, 28th and 29th September

Eight persons from Kosovo and Albania took part in the training: Five persons from the Kosovo partner, ”Shaban Spahija”, one person from the Albanian partner “Alternative Pro” and one person from each of the two new project partners, the VET schools  “Hysen Çela” and “Hamdi Bushati”. Some of the participants are part time counsellors while others are teachers, who are also providing counselling or who want to start doing it.

Bjarne Lauridsen, “Tradium” and Bodil Mygind Madsen, “SOSU Ostjylland” were the trainers. The program, among others contained he following topics:

  • Counselling /Guidance into VET education. Counselling/guidance during VET education. Counselling/guidance from VET to working life and further education – and why it is important.
  • How to guide another person? Different theories and practices used in Denmark and can any of these ideas and practices be implemented in Kosovo and Albania?
  • Presentation of a task description/job description for a counsellor from Tradium (the description of the job function). Example of a vacancy announcement and discussion about which qualifications are relevant for a counsellor
  • How to attract more young people, especially girls to VET educations.

The participants were very active and motivated through the training and had many discussions with the trainers and among them. There was also a big interest among the Albanian learners to get information about the Kosovo learners and vice versa.

On the last day of the training, the participants worked on the campaigns to be organized in all four Western Balkan partner countries. They had a brainstorm and a lot of good ideas for activities came up and it was agreed that they will become members of the work groups that will be established to prepare the campaigns.

The training course started with an expectation session and ended with filling in evaluation questionnaires and having oral evaluation. The evaluation questionnaires will be sent to our external evaluator, Marijo Moreno, who will make a small report. However, we are happy to say that during the oral evaluation the participants expressed their full satisfaction with the course.

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