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So far, we have been known for the implementation of new technologies; we have been obtaining equipment of great value…And we are happy that we are equally quickly developing soft skills, career guidance; we are already thinking in advance about further joint activities and projects.​

The trainers showed us how, gave concrete solutions, and forced us to answer what, why, and how, and come to our own conclusions to carry out our personal ideas and visions about the ideal school. They showed us how we can all get there and achieve the common points of our visions. It resulted in the creation of the educational vision of our school, which we have already started to implement.

The training can serve as an example and a set standard. The CSO (VET Center) has also been informed and it supported the training, which will be licensed as a part of CPD for the attendees. Furthermore, ICT Cortex-Academy will pay special attention to the development of soft skills and career guidance in their organization of the practical trainings, relying greatly on our experience and the training model implemented in Podgorica.


Regular activities/trainings/mobilities (Denmark, Turin)​

Constantly improving collaboration with companies​ (Mobility in Denmark, ICT Cortex, other entrepreneurs/projects)​

The use of technology and new methodologies​

Establishing connections and more active inclusion of institutions (through vet4wb meetings/reports/newsletter/examples of good practice etc.)​

Insisting on including more girls