Partners in VET4 Western Balkans have started preparations for future activities

Partners from Montenegro held an internal meeting on current and future activities within the VET4WB project. After the teachers Marina Braletić and Danka Markus introduced their colleagues in detail to all the activities so far, they presented them with the activity plan for the coming six months. They discussed the teacher training that will be held in October by the partners from Landstede, then the meeting related to career orientation, the III transnational meeting of partners that will be held in Kranj in December, the II mobility of teachers and students and all accompanying activities until the end of spring. We have a lot of work to do, but as always, the Montenegro team is more than ready

13. 9. 2022. the coordinators from the SOSU Ostjylland center held an online meeting with the management of the team from Montenegro. They agreed on the details of future activities for this very very busy autumn. To their mutual satisfaction, they came to the conclusion that they are ready for all the challenges ahead!



Stay tuned for updates on the following steps of the project.