Training in Denmark

Tradium hosting international students as part of an EU-project

In spring 2022, the educational institution of Tradium in Denmark, Randers, has had the privilege to welcome a group of students from the Balkans as part of the EU-project “VET Mobility Scheme for Western Balkans”. The aim of the project is to develop the vocational colleges in Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, and Bosnia-Hercegovina by providing them with knowledge and insights into the educational system at Tradium, which – among other things – offer the students a more practical approach to working/studying as well as equipping them with new techniques.

The program offered the students developing opportunities depending on their study area. For example, Matilda from Albania, who is studying to become a hair stylist, was equipped with a more practical and ‘hands-on’ on approach to working as well as new hair-cutting techniques than what she had been used to in Albania. Meanwhile Ilija, a student from Montenegro studying electronics and computer science, had been introduced to multiple new concepts in the area of computer science as well as a more extensive working approach to technology.

The project seeks to develop the vocational colleges in the Balkan countries by having students from the respective countries experience the education system in Denmark (in this case, Tradium in Randers). By providing the students with new insights, techniques, knowledge, and experiences, the students will be able to comply skills and abilities that they’ll be able to take with them and continue to work on and develop when returning home.